Snapdragon Chemistry Doubles R&D Space in First Phase of a Two-Phase Construction Effort


Waltham, MA – July 24, 2020 –

Snapdragon Chemistry recently announced the doubling of its research and development as the first phase of a two-phase expansion program. New kilo-lab suites enable bulk deliveries and full-scale flow demonstration processes. Phase two of the expansion, already underway and expected to commission in mid-2021, will add GMP drug substance manufacturing suites.

Matt Bio, CEO of Snapdragon Chemistry, said “the demand for our services was outstripping our capacity to deliver in a timely fashion. This expansion is allowing us to expand our research and analytical development capacity. We are also excited about the new capacity for pilot-scale demonstrations and bulk product deliveries. The next phase – adding GMP manufacturing – will be a key capability in our fast-to-clinic vision.”

Chief Scientific Officer, Eric Fang, commented that “the newly opened R&D to kilogram delivery lab was designed with special capabilities and flexibility in mind for the rapid delivery of kilogram APIs through our market-leading continuous flow manufacturing technologies. The state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with a 5kw photoreactor, ultra-high-temperature, high-pressure flow reactors, alongside traditional batch reactors. More importantly, the laboratory is run on a proprietary smart LabOSTM information system for automation and near real-time data acquisition.”

About Snapdragon Chemistry
Snapdragon Chemistry specializes in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) batch and continuous flow process development, utilizing state-of-the-art automation technology and proprietary equipment to solve complex process and analytical development challenges. With R&D and manufacturing headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Snapdragon’s 70+ employees come with strong ties to the local scientific community, with 31 PhD scientists on staff. For more information, please contact