Reactor Build and Design

At Snapdragon Chemistry, now part of Cambrex, our chemists specialize in creating custom solutions and technologies to take on your toughest process development and production challenges. This includes expertise in designing and building custom reactors that enable seamless technology transfer as a process scales up for commercial manufacturing.

After optimizing your process, our chemists and engineers apply their experience and problem-solving skills to build a self-contained custom reactor “skid” that allows the process to be performed anywhere. Our process engineering team develops a 3D CAD model of the skid before ordering and assembling custom components for the system, allowing for right-first-time designs.

Our customers use our skids for medicinal chemistry scale-up, process development and production in GMP environments (kilo lab and plant).

R&D Reactors

Our custom R&D reactor skids are designed to give our clients the power to use Snapdragon process development tools in their own labs, and these systems can be based on one of several platform technologies, such as hydrogenation, high temperature/pressure and photochemistry. They are customized to meet your needs and include Snapdragon control software to manage these complex systems easily.

GMP Production Reactors

Our GMP production skids use industry-standard automation technologies, including PLC-based control panels and a PC-based SCADA system. The control panels can be constructed to comply with a range of electrical safety requirements as needed, including UL and CE, and they can be rated for use in hazardous locations (explosion-proof/ATEX). The SCADA system provides a user interface and a data historian compliant with GMP electronic records requirements (21 CFR Part 11).

Operators can control equipment via a single interface and automate critical functions, such as start-up, shutdown, emergency stop and clean-in-place. Our automation systems can integrate into any plant-wide control system.

Snapdragon project managers provide regular status updates and maintain clear communication throughout the design and build process with you and the production facility.