Our specialists and facilities are equipped to take on pediatric dosage forms (PDFs) projects at any size or scale. We offer established pediatric formulation and development expertise and to-scale manufacturing capabilities. Our infrastructure and expertise cover the sweet spot for producing the small-to-medium-sized batches needed to meet market demands for pediatric dosage forms and orphan drugs, and our capabilities extend to large-scale manufacturing.


When a pharmaceutical company partners with Cambrex for pediatric dosage form development, it provides guidance on the patient population and the dosing targets based on age or weight groupings and clinical endpoints. Our formulation scientists and manufacturing teams process this data to identify the best options for reformulating a drug for the targeted pediatric patient population. When the first clinical supplies are available and dose-ranging studies are complete, Cambrex works side-by-side with the customer to establish the final dosage strengths and formulations based on clinical efficacy and safety information obtained from the trials. With in-house formulation scientists and a dedicated development group, we offer pilot and commercial-scale manufacturing in one location to complete projects faster with more reliable turnaround and delivery times.


Not only are there many ways to develop pediatric dosage forms, but there are also multiple ways to package them. Cambrex can package pediatric drugs in various formats optimized for ease of administration. These include various types of bottles for dispensing liquids or suspensions, capsules containing powders that can be opened and poured out into water or apple juice and Cambrex’s unique stick packs for packaging granules, powders, beads or mini tablets, which have been successfully used in several commercially approved PDFs.

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